Tuesday, May 15, 2012


New in May, 2012!

The newly released EMTWatch has arrived. This home based Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) shares a lot of the same features as other competitors, such as being worn as a wrist or neck pendant with an emergency button that transmits an alert when help is needed, and based from a central unit in your residence with a powerful 2 way voice system allowing you to communicate with the monitoring station.

However, this emergency button is housed in a lightweight, waterproof analog wrist-watch with your choice of 3 coloured leather straps and runs on a 5 year watch battery. Also, the base unit looks more like a high-end stereo speaker than a medical device. As always SafetySeekERS units are monitored 24 hours per day by professionally trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) from which the unit takes its name.

It's also considerably cheaper than most competition, especially those big name companies.

See for yourself: